When we’re not working at getting Science Girl to the masses, Team Science often pursues other art, writing (and even cookie-making) endeavors.  I’ve recently written a new article for the website Kingdom Hearts Ultimania entitled The Top Ten Most Awkward Keyblades. If you’re a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series, check it out and come back next week for a follow up article counting down the top ten best looking Keyblades.

If Science Girl was part of the Kingdom Hearts universe, what kind of Keyblade would Edie use? Skeletron Key

It would probably look something a lot like her Skeletron Key, an invention she uses to break into Vulcan Industries in Science Girl #1. Her Skeletron Key is a device that allows her to open any locked doors. Think of it as a master key that can get you into anywhere.

Unfortunately, it’s kind of a one-trick pony and while it looks like it would be a formidable weapon, it would only about as useful against a Heartless as a set of locksmith’s tools. Still– it comes in handy when you accidentally lock yourself out of your house!


Check out Kingdom Hearts Ultimania next week for another look at Keyblades and check back here next week for a look at the Skeletron Key in action!

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I'm a writer, a comic author, a producer, an animator, a voice actor, a satirist and many other things. I'm also the reason the sun rises.

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