The first issue of Science Girl is almost here! All 24-pages of artwork have been completed, which means the bulk of the work is finished. Of course, there’s always a million other little steps to take before the book is ready to be unveiled, but that time is growing ever closer,  Science Fans!

Edie starts her first day at Thaddeus High

Edie starts her first day at Thaddeus High

If you just can’t wait to get your first look at Science Girl #1,  here is an exclusive look at a scene from the first issue.  Here we see Edie as she begins her first day at her new school, Thaddeus High.  As you can see, Edie’s Expand-O-Pack also doubles as an ordinary school bag.  That makes it easier for Edie to cram all of her books and school junk  into one bag since the inside is as big as a storage warehouse.  It does make looking for a pencil kind of a pain though.


Check back here for more updates and information on how to receive your very own copy of Science Girl #1. 

About K-Mo

I'm a writer, a comic author, a producer, an animator, a voice actor, a satirist and many other things. I'm also the reason the sun rises.

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