My follow up guest blog for Kingdom Hearts Ultimania has been posted today. Check out the companion piece counting down the top ten awesome looking Keyblades.

Speaking of awesome looking key-shaped items, we’ve got another preview of Science Girl #1 today with a good look at the Skeletron Key in action!

Science Girl uses her Skeletron KeyThe Skeletron Key shoots a beam of energy at any locked door, analyzes the locking mechanism and uses electromagnetism to unlock the door. When Edie designed the Skeletron Key, she was thinking about getting locked out of her house– not using it to break and enter into a robot storage facility.

See more of the Skeletron Key and other inventions that Edie has created in Science Girl #1 — out sooner than you think!

About K-Mo

I'm a writer, a comic author, a producer, an animator, a voice actor, a satirist and many other things. I'm also the reason the sun rises.

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